Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Cover or Not to Cover...

That is the question. i have been debating on wearing a head covering when i am out in public but i am not sure if that is what i want to do. Right now i usually wear my hear back in a bun so no one really knows how long it is (almost to by butt). But do i want to wear a head covering or not? i already get strange looks when people find out i am of Middle Eastern descent. i do not care what others think of me but i also do not want to deal with prejudices and miss-conceptions because i cover my head.

i have a very dear friend who has recently decided to cover her head because she has felt drawn to it. i am very proud of her for following her desires but i am still trying to figure out what is right for me. And if i do cover my head what kind of covering do i want to use? i think they are beautiful and that the women of whatever culture that wear them of their own free choice are very devoted. i just do not know it is for me yet. Maybe i will give it a try and see how i feel about it.