Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things Have Been Very Busy

~~~ Things have been very busy in my life and i have not had much time to post anything so i am taking the time tonight to try to post on all of my blogs. 

~~~ my religion has not changed though i do not cover, nor do i wear skirts all the time. In fact i hardly wear them at all even though i do love them.  i have come to the conclusion that i do not need to wear something to prove that i believe something. What i believe is for me and not for anyone else.

~~~ i have fallen behind on setting up my altar like i have wanted to and with the change of the season from Winter to Spring i hope to set up my new seasonal altar and and get myself back into the habit of setting up and using my daily altar as well. Things have fallen behind and fallen apart here and i need to pick them up, or through them out and move forward with my life. Stagnation breads illness and that is not somewhere that i want to go. With the change of season and term Spring cleaning be more than just about cleaning the home i am looking forward to where my life and my believes are going to take me in the rest of this year and the years to come. 

~~~ On a side night i am still getting the message to wait from the Universe.  Though i think i have figured out what i am waiting for it does not mean that i am to stagnate in my life as i have been doing. my life has to move forward in order for the waiting to end and the next chapter to begin. i am waiting for the right person to be ready for my in their life as i will be ready for them. Every time i have tried to date another it has not worked and that has been what has thrown me into this depression and stagnation. i know that i have feelings for the person that i "waiting" for but i will admit honestly that i have been attracted to other people as well and they to me but when we try and get into a relationship it never works out. And so i wait some more and fall into wondering if i am truly meant to be waiting or meant to be alone. And hence the depression and stagnation start. 

~~~ Well i am not going to allow myself to stagnate any longer. i am going to move on and move forward. i am happy with who i am and where i am in some parts of my life and need to work on my happiness in other aspects of my life. It is an ever on going process and things are not as bad as they may seem from what i have written but things can be better than what they are right now. 

~~~ i am going to try and start doing a daily tarot reading for myself and simply ask what it is that i need to know about this day. i will try to remember to take a picture of each spread and share what meanings that i draw from it here. .... Small steps that lead to a great new journey and a new understanding of my life.