Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wearing Skirts All The Time

~~~~ i am seriously thinking about wearing long skirts like these and some others all the time. There are only a couple of things making me question this seriously. One is the cold. my body does not handle the cold very well and it ends up leaving me in a lot of pain. The other is when i go for my bike rides and walks. Walking in a skirt is not so bad even for long walks but with my bike rides i do not want the skirt getting caught in the chain or tires. 

~~~~ i love the feeling of being in a skirt and i guess that i can wear leggins under my skirts when it is cold to help keep me warm but i do not like wearing short skirts so i still do not know what to do about bike rides. Maybe i will keep jeans and caprices for when i go for my bike rides. i think this is what i am going to start doing but i may still will jeans more often to school right now just because it maybe a little more reasonable with everything i have to carry and take with me all the time. 

~~~~ The other thing is i will need to get some shoes to go with my skirts i do not want to be wearing high heels all the time or sandals with the snow and cold. i do not like the look of skirts with gym or tennis shoes. i think it just looks sloppy so i need to find some good Mary Jane's or clogs that look good with all of my skirts and the ones that i am going to get as well. 

~~~~ i am going to meditate on this one for a while as well as the head covering and see what i feel is truly right for me. Right now i am trying to find what is me and who i am growing to be and these little things are all a big part of that. 

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