Tuesday, February 25, 2014

my Reading

~~~ i work with Fairy Oracles i cannot use arcana cards they hurt me physically when i use them or am around when they are used.  This reading i used my Oracle of the Dragonfae.  This is not a deck i use often in fact i do not remember purchasing this deck and found them in my tarot drawer and do not know where they came from.

~~~ That being said i got a great reading from them that really nailed things for me.

~~~ Card 1 - The Past - Lady Una's Magick: Synchronize with lunar time and energy: This card is talking about working with the cycles of the moon to find what i hid from myself and to find my true self.  This is something i have been doing though because of the weather i have not been able to get out in the moon light like i would like to.

~~~ Card 2 - The Present - The Dawn Watcher: Bells will ring: This card is talking about having problems with authority figures and wanting to leave school before i am doing learning. Considering i am taking this semester off because i was burned out and need to see a doctor about my migraines i would say that is pretty dead on.

~~~ Card 3 - The Future - The Blue Lady: Nothing is impossible: (Reversed) For me a card being reversed means that there is block there and something that needs to be freed so that i can move forward with my life. This card is talking about allowing others fears to overshadow my intuition and my hopes for the future. i have been doing this. i know what i feel about certain situation and where my intuition says it is going to go but the other person is speaking through their fear and doubt and i am allowing that to cause me to doubt what i feel. This card tells me that it is my role to break through to the other reality this lifetime. I think that means that i have to help them break through their fears and see what is meant to be and that fear only holds us back from what is planned for us.

~~~ Now i need to figure out how to do this without pushing to hard and too much. If i push too much they will withdraw into their shell and hide behind their fear and depression. Somehow i have to slowly pull them out and get them to see that i see what happened in the past i have accepted that part of me and healed the hurt that was there and am no longer in that place or that person. Yes my past is always part of me but i have learned from it and grown and am a new and stronger person. And that they can do same thing. They are not their past but their past is only a small part of them.

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